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Vacation Rental
Directions From Airport to Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

From the airport:

Call us from the airport to let us know that you arrived as scheduled (numbers are below). Should your flights be running late please call or text us to let us know.

After getting your bags then get your rental car. Note that a rental car is not a suggestion it is a requirement at least for the first few days. The vacation rental is up on a steep hill - there are no buses or taxis that go up this way. You will need a car to get around. Also get a map from the airport or car rental agency - they have them in most tourist guide.

After getting your car:
First thing to remember is that we drive on the left hand side of the road! So keep Left!

After you exit the airport go straight .... you will run parallel to the air strip ... this road will bring you to a "T" where you can go left or right (marked "A" on the map) .... take a right are now on route 30 (and will stay on this road all the way to Bolongo). There are a few wrong turns you can make so follow along ... after making the right turn you will be lead to the downtown on the waterfront ...(waterfront will be on your right and downtown will be on your left) .... along the waterfront you will want to be in the right of the two lanes as the left one eventually leads you to make a left that you do not want to take ... after you get out of the downtown area continue straight along the waterfront.... this will lead you to "B" on the map ... there is a street light .... make a right turn .... a quarter mile down this road you will come to a three way intersection with street lights (marked "C" on the map) - Wendy's will be on your right).... you will be going straight through the intersection .... you will stay on this road which will lead you through a shopping area called "Havensight" (this is where the cruise ships pull up) .... then the road will lead you away from Havensight to some windy hills .... stay on this road until you come to an intersection with a stop sign (marked "D" on map) ...>you will want to take a left here straight will lead you into the Marriot Frenchman's Reef (dont want to got there) ..... immediately after the left you will see green trash dumpsters on your left ... more long and windy roads for a few miles .... you will pass "Bluebeards Beach Club" .... keep going until you see a sign on your right to "Iggies" .... then you will see the exit to "Bolongo Beach Resort".... you will take your next right into the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort Entrance..... there is a pay phone at the main lobby.... call us and we will come down the hill, meet you and have you follow us up the hill to the vacation rental.

This is much easier than it seems. This is actually one long road "route 30" leading from the airport to Bolongo.

Kevin & Michelle

340-642-7841 - Kevin's cell phone
340- 643-3955 - Michelle's cell phone

Rental address is 16A Bolongo

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